about hickorygolf.com

With the passing of Ralph Livingston III, who was such an inspiration to so many hickory golfers, I cannot think of anyone more qualified, in the entire world, to carry on the tradition of providing timely information, advice, and links to today's hickory golfers than Chris McIntyre.  I am extremely happy and very appreciative of the fact that Chis has agreed to re-launch www.hickorygolf.com,

Ralph Livingston's iconic hickory golf website.

Chris has been intimately involved in hickory golf for the past decade as an eperienced player (fourth place finish in the National Hickory Championship, third place finish in the Scottish Hickory Championship, member of the USA Hickory Grail team), GCS Region 9 Director, researcher, golf ball manufacturer, and provider of hickory golf club rentals (Chris has over 100 sets available for events!).  Chris, very much in the tradition of Ralph Livingston, has probably introduced more people to hickory golf in the last five years than anyone on the planet!

Who else in the world, who has the knowledge and ability to restore and repair hickory golf clubs (and develop vintage golf balls!), actually works on these clubs WITH VINTAGE ERA TOOLS!  I think this gives you an idea of the commitment, determination, and focus that Chris McIntyre brings to the world of hickory golf; and the hickory golf world is very fortunate to have him!

Randy Jensen
Eight-time National Hickory Champion