If you are playing hickory golf, how can you not play the style of ball used in the hickory era?  You're probably dressed in period knickers - socks - cap, toting your favorite authentic hickory clubs, in an authentic or authentic look golf bag...and hitting a ProV1? NOT!  Be sure to check out the range of  balls available at:

Dave Brown continues the tradition by offering a number of styles of hickory era golf balls.  Play the appropriate ball, support hickory golf, support Dave in his efforts!  Onlookers will always be amazed...

Event packages for all events - large or small. Products that put FUN
‚Äčinto playing hickory golf.

Hickory era replica golf balls

The site for studying and sharing details of club types, golf shots, rules, players and games of the Auld Golf Eras.

Support antique clubs and create more realism in your daily hickory play.  

Step into the antique workshop for demos of working on clubs. Learn a technique from the pages of the old masters. Read an on-line copy from a list of hickory era books (1890-1925).

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