Iain forrester

The process of putting together a great set of hickory clubs is endless, and that is one of it's great joys. Putting a decent set together usually takes a few years, but however good you think your set is, you always know, that out there somewhere, is a club that would make it even better. As with many things in life the journey is better than the destination!

​Iains Clubs -Driver- Gibson Horn brand, 10 degrees., 43 inches D2. This is a seriously powerful club with a great shaft (16 growth rings). A termpermental driver that only works well if I am on form,app. 260yards

​Brassie-  St Andrews golf co, 13 degrees, 41.5 inches, D3. A recent addition to my set, bought with the head loose but intact, (every restorer’s  dream!) very reliable powerfull club, app. 240 yards

Bulldog Spoon (brassie)- Gibson star, 20 degrees, 40 inches, D4. Another Gibson with a great shaft, this club is great from poor lies and produces a nice high ball flight. 220 yards

Cleek- T Stewart, Dot face, circa 1905, 17 degrees, 39.5 inches D3, an old fashioned powerfull cleek that is suprisingly easy to hit, club has a Tom Stewart inspection mark. 210 yards

2-Iron- T. Stewart, Dot Face, circa 1910, 20 degrees, 39 inches, D3, this D&W Auchterlonie stamped iron has (as to be expected from Auchterlonie’s) a great shaft, A powerful club, it also shows Stewart’s inspection mark. 190 yards

Iron (mid iron specs)- T. Stewart, line face, 24 degrees, 38.5 inches, D1, this A Wier (Turnberry) clubs feels a little soft in the shaft but plays great so I don’t dare to change it. 175 yards

Mashie iron- T. Stewart, line face, 29 degrees, 38 inches, D4,  this club is a rare Ballingal flanged model, markings are unreadable, (this club has seen some action!) It produces a great high ball flight. 165 yards

Mashie- T. Stewart, line face, 35 degrees, 37.5 inches, D2. This McEWAN stamped club is a personel favorite, very versitile and easy to cut up. 155 yards

Spade Mashie- T. Stewart, line face, 40 degrees, 37 inches, D3, This Ben Sayers stamped club looks quite cumbersome but is great for high flying full aproach shots 140 yards

Mashie Niblick,-T. Stewart, line face, 45 degrees, 36.5 inches, D3. Unusual round back model stamped for J Steer (Blackpool). I think the mashie niblick, is the Stewart club that is the most difficult  to find, as a good playable. This was the 12th mashie niblick that I bought before I felt really comfortable. 130 yards

Niblick- T. Stewart, line face, 52 degrees, 35.5 inches, D3. This D&W Auchterloine club with additional Alf Rogers (leith) stamp is a personal favourite and is often comented on. Another great Auchterlonie shaft, the grooves are getting a bit worn, but who cares! 110 yards

Flanged Niblick- Winton (Montrose), dot face 56 degrees 35 inches, D1. This Winton model has a nice soft feel and is great out of bunkers.75 yards

Putter- (fast greens) Gibson star maxwell stainless model , 5 degrees, 24 inches. (slow greeens) Gibson, Brown Vardon with Thornton (Edinburgh) stamp 6 degrees 34.5 inches

Balls-  Normal play Chris Mcintyre's square mesh Flash ball.            Championship play, TaylorMade pinta

​Bag- Belding circa 1910Grips- A mix of Mastergrip and Best Grip leather wraps.

Glove-  No